Kuk Sool Won (tm) of Surprise / Sun City West

Kuk Sool Won TM is the systematic study of traditional Korean Martial arts. It promotes, with diligent practice, the ability to keep a healthy range of motion in all joints, good physical balance, mental clarity, cardiovascular endurance and emotional stability to keep your body, brain and mind healthy and prepared for any circumstance. 
Masters Terry and Wesley Heaps are a mother and son team who have spent more than 30 years teaching and practicing Kuk Sool Won
TM.  We invite you and your family to join us, each Saturday at the "Road Runner" room of the Sun City West Foundation building.
Beginner classes are:
12:05 pm - 1pm  
1:05 pm - 2 pm 
Intermediate / Advanced classes are:
2:05 pm - 3pm
3:05 pm - 3:45 pm